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Scrooge McDuck meets the ghost from Christmas Past

scrooge-ghost-perler2 scrooge-ghost-perlerThese beadsprites were inspired by A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Pac-Man, and the game Ducktales on the NES. I was gonna have all three ghosts show up for Scrooge, but I didn’t know what color to make them. I still may make a Tiny Tim from one of the Huey/Dewey/Louie sprites. Heck, why not throw in a Donald as Crachit in there, too.



Chip and Dale Perler (Chip)

dale-perler-present dale-perler-present2I think that these beadsprites with the Christmas presents are really cute. I have the Super Mario 2 crew coming soon. I’m debating whether they should have presents, too, to to be bringing unwrapped gifts like bikes and big toys.

Chip is coming to Christmas, too! That gift looks a little heavy. I changed the sprite up with some different colors for the had and eyes, and I think it came out well. The lines are particularly clean.

Battletoads Christmas Perler

battletoad-perler-gift battletoad-perler-gift2Battletoads was one of the first games that I was much better than my friends at. For some odd reason I was really good at the super hard parts where you were riding the rocket sled and the surfboard thing. Granted, I never beat the game because the difficulty ran up to nearly impossible, and you had very few continues.

Here we see the Battletoad named Zitz with his present. It looks like he has something special for a little lady! I like the way the neon green beads look next to the dark green beads; even for a smaller bead sprite like this, it gives a little definition.

Chip and Dale Perler (Dale)

dale-perler-present dale-perler-present2Chip and Dale Rescue rangers was one of the best rebranding disney ever did, IMHO. Both the cartoons and the Nintendo (NES) games were pretty good. The theme song was super catchy, too.

I love the look of joy on his face. He is super stoked for this present. What can be inside? Is it an acorn, or a 2DS with pre installed Pokemon X? This is first in a series of characters with presents leading up to Christmas.

Candy Cane Perler

candy-cane-perlerCandy canes are waning a little as a holiday treat. More and more often you see Starburst brand candy canes, or Atomic Warhead brand candy canes, but no so much of the original.

This candy cane also includes a little Mistletoe tied on. This time it’s real Mistletoe, not Holly like I posted earlier. I like the way this looks, I would be neat to make like, 6 of these and use as holiday decorations outside.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Perler

rudolph-perlerI don’t think I’m alone when I say that I really identified with Rudolph when I was a little kid. I was the little red-headed step-child who was waiting to be of use to anyone instead of just being underfoot all the time.

I loved this animation as a child. I sat rapt with attention, laying on my belly, hands holding up my chin year after year as this special came on. I don’t think anything else on television was as important to me as the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials.

This Rudolf beadsprite came out really well. The flat side doesn’t look as good as it could, but the display side is perfect. I used a few sparkle beads, and put a light behind his nose for the picture, too. I might make his little girlfriend Clarice, too.

I found the full episode on YouTube, I don’t think it will be available forever, but if you wanted to watch it again, here ya go. =)

Zero Suit Samus Perler Ornament

zero-suit-samas-perler-ornament zero-suit-samas-perler-ornament-2In the early NES Nintendo games, most every game could be beaten in a matter of hours, and a fair amount of them in under an hour. The good games of that era rewarded you with a more difficult version of the game, or alternate characters to play the game through again. You got to play this version of Samus if you beat the game super quick.

I tried real hard to find video of the game without her wearing the armor in the original Metroid aside from the source sprites I referenced to make this, but turned up with nothing on YouTube. Also, I am aware that this isn’t referred to “Zero Suit” until later in the series, but I am taking some liberties here, folks. =)

Samus Perler Christmas Ornament.

samus-perler-ornament samus-perler-ornament-2I originally only wanted to make the ball form of Samus as a Christmas ornament, but I thought that it might get lost in translation, so I made the standing version of her as well. I decided that the blue border would be good to keep the contrast with the orange, as well.

Next post will be the Zero Suit Samus version of this, which I think looks better overall.


Christmas Space Invaders

christmas-space-invaders-2 christmas-space-invadersI was looking for an excuse to use my stripey Perler beads, and figured some basic designs would be a good start. I choose a variety of colors to mix it up and see how they looked when fused. The flat sides of these are pretty dang cool. I love the randomness of the designs.

Sonic the Hedgehog Perler ornament

sonic-ball-ornament sonic-ball-ornament2This is an experiment with another Christmas Perler ornament. Sonic is in mid crouch, about to turn into a ball, and I figured it would be a good frame of animation for a beadsprite.

I haven’t decided if it worked well or not, but that’s how experimenting with new things works. What do you think?