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Baby Head from Captain Commando.

baby_head_captain_commando-2 baby_head_captain_commandoOf all the Beat ’em Up games of the 90’s, Captain Commando was my favorite. It had a great mixture of baddies and bosses, tons of great weapons, and even cool vehicles to ride on.

The highlight of the game for me was the hero “Baby Head“. Baby Head is a super genius baby that designed a robot called the “Silverfist” to fight crime and save the world with. How could you not choose that character every single time.

I love the way it came out. I used clear beads for the 4th shade of grey needed to get his hand detail right, and almost every other color needed was available with standard Perler palette.

Megaman and Zelda fairy.

megaman-fairy megaman-1 megaman-2 fairy-1 fairy-2

I got a request from a co-worker to make the Megaman for him, and I had a little more room on the board for the fairy that refills your health in Zelda.

The fuse on the Megaman came out nice. I don’t see many other people melt them to the extremes that I go to, but I think I will move forward with the ¬†heat and pressure that I am using on the one side, but no fuse at all on the ¬†opposite side. My goal is to have almost no visible holes on the main side, aside from those on the borders.

What is your opinion on fusion and how far to go?