Picachu Perler Santa Hat

picachu-perler-christmasI’m not the biggest Pokemon fan, to tell the truth, but my kids love it, and I would watch some of the original cartoons with them. They are both getting ┬áthe 2DS Pokemon bundle for Christmas this year, so they were ecstatic that I was making this for the blog.

I might have gone a little heavy on the ironing in the lower left hand corner. Right after I started ironing, I realized that I hadn’t poked holes in the tape yet, and I had to do an emergency flip and poke. It still came out okay.

3 thoughts on “Picachu Perler Santa Hat

  1. Seb

    I only see bead side :)
    I want to see the flat side

    Ps i added your page on facebook it wi be easier for us to exchange tips

  2. Mike

    I can relate. Multiple times I’ve finished a project not realizing I’d melted a few stray cat hairs into it.

    Pikachu looks good… although it appears that he may have more than a few drinks in him.


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