Masking Tape Method

creep-pretapeHere is the finished creation, the Creep from Final Fantasy. He’s already for ironing, but, as he is a pegboard creation, there is the potential for the boards to warp, and make the areas where it crossed boards visible. Also, it’s a challenge to get an even and flat fuse.

creep-posttapeTaping it down, and removing it from the board is the best way to both save your pegboards from warping and causing long-term damage to them, and to get the best results while ironing.

creep-rolloverMake sure that all the beads are stuck to the tape really good. Use the roll of tape to get the initial results, and then rub it down with your fingertips, or something firm like the bottom of a spoon. I like to use the opposite end of my loom hook, which I also use to poke the holes in the beads afterwards.creep-poke1Β The holes where they tape crosses over is the most difficult. You may want to use a thumbtack to pierce them first; in fact, you can use any sharp object to poke the holes, just make sure that the holes are of a good size, and won’t close back up.creep-pokedYou can poke the holes while still on the pegboard, or take the creation off beforehand; I’ve found that taking it off before poking works better, but be sure to put it on something that will prevent your pokes from damaging a table.

You may ask, “Why should I go through all this trouble”?

1)Β This is what can happen if you don’t.

2) You get a much better result if you do.

3) You will have this piece of art forever. Take the extra time to make it right. You will be happy you did.

23 thoughts on “Masking Tape Method

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  2. Brooke (Byte It) Sakowski

    I’m glad you did this and actually showed what happens if you don’t poke holes, I’ve wanted to do this method because some of my boards are getting ruined so I’m glad you did this. I’m sold on the idea and will forever do it this way πŸ™‚

  3. Jon

    When I try this the tape doesn’t come off in one piece. Any tips for removing the residue from the tiny pieces that i had to scrape off?

  4. Elinor Williams

    So I don’s have money for tape right now, can you use blue painters tape (I have some of this already)?

  5. Loui

    I haven’t tried it, but I read somewhere that instead of poking each whole separate you can use a pegboard upside down πŸ™‚

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  7. Emilee

    hey! just to clarify, i appreciate this tutorial. i love how it shows exactly what would happen, should holes not be poked in the tape. just a question, though. can other tapes be used for this? i do not have any masking tape, but do have duct tape, packing tape (the see through kind?), as well as some painter’s tape probably lying around somewhere. would any of these work out at all?

    1. Danthol Post author

      Duct tape is too sticky, packing tape tears too easy when you poke holes, but painters tape will work. I’ve tried 5 brands of masking tape, but 3M is the best of all of them.

  8. tio

    i was wondering do u have any idea y my perler beads aren’t melting properly? i used this method before and its been working great! but on my latest piece (poked out all the holes) some of them aren’t melting and there is still a hole where it use to be. As well as some beads aren’t melting at the corners.(a patch of beads in the middle of the artwork only the four sides r melting a bit but the corners aren’t melting). It seems that the gold beads aren’t melting that great either causing a slightly color distortion in the center of the bead with a tiny hole. Do u have any potential fixes to these problem? i’ve been suspecting it might be my iron but i’m not a 100% sure. Thx for the tutorial it’s a great guide!

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  10. Kim

    I watched your videos last night and thought they are the solution to my problem until I realized the design will be the reverse when ironed. I iron them for my son. He likes a complete melt also. Without having him to figure out the reverse of his pattern to get the flat image the correct facing way, how would you suggest I do with the tape? Tape both sides and carefull remove the first side?

  11. Amy

    Tried the masking tape method for the first time on a few projects (without poking holes in the tape) and was overall pleased with the results except for a few stubborn beads that just wouldn’t melt right!!! Sooo glad you posted the picture of what happens when you DON’T poke the holes, since that’s pretty much exactly what my projects look like. Guess I’ll have to take the extra time to do it right. Silly me, thinking I could cut corners. Thanks for the information!

      1. pj

        Hi, very well written article! Have you ever tried it with beads mini and what results did you get? I always struggle when ironing designs that are larger then 1pegboard. The beads come out unequally ironed and tip all the time πŸ™

        1. Danthol Post author

          I have not tried this with mini beads, I don’t think it would work very well. I’ll work on getting a multiboard mini beads tutorial soon. =)

  12. Devin peterson

    So I’m about to iron a mini perler project that I put a lot of time into anyone know if the tape method will work kinda nervous for the minis ha


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