Kid Icarus Reaper Beadsprite

kid_icarus_reaper-beadsprite kid_icarus_reaper-perlerAfter I made the series of Battletoads sprites, I was catching up on some other sprites I have been wanting to make, and the Reaper from Kid Icarus stood out. I like the surprised expression version of this sprite because it reminded me of the surprised Battletoad, and it’s so comical to see such a grim reaper lose his composure.

Some of the other Kid Icarus beadsprites, but I think it would be more fun to seek out other “shocked” video game sprites first, and have a whole series of them. Can you think of any others that I should include?

One thought on “Kid Icarus Reaper Beadsprite

  1. JJ

    Yeah you could do some of the Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Characters like Von Kaiser and Bald Bull they make a surprised look when they get punched.


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