I made a beadsprite of myself!

danthol-keychain danthol-perler danthol-beadspriteI’ve been working on a few new projects aside from this website, and one of them is GameZoneRadio.com 6 years ago, I was co-host on a videogame podcast called Game Zone Radio. I’ve helped to restart the website, and a few days ago, we recorded our 57th episode (warning some NSFW language), which was a really good time, and made me feel 6 years younger.

The site design is done in 8-bit characters of the hosts, and this is my avatar. I will be creating the other hosts and posting the results here. Since I’m podcasting again, I’m toying with the idea of a HardcorePerler podcast, too. =)

One thought on “I made a beadsprite of myself!

  1. Michelle K

    Awesome! Do all of your projects still have little divets on the hard fused side? I always try to get rid of those completely but I haven’t been successful.


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