Final Fantasy Creep

creep2 creepI’ve been working on some new ironing methods that have really improved the quality of my work. This fuse came out really nice. The lined are clean, there’s no smudging, and only the black bordering areas aren’t fully sealed.

One rogue fuchsia bead did make it’s way into the mix, though. It is damn near impossible to discern the difference between the two of them without a really good light source, and a solid background  color. Click here for a link to what the two colors look like mixed together. I swear those are two different colors… But, I digress.

The Creep is one of the first creatures in the game that poses a serious threat, and can dish out some serious damage. If you run into one at levels 1 or 2, you might have to use a few spells to defeat it, otherwise you’re gonna have to go back and heal. Later in the game, you just massacre 6 of them with one fir2 spell. Fun stuff.


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