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Mappy characters and items.

20150121_112825 20150121_112739I wanted some smaller sprites to make, and after making the Burgertime set, I thought these would be good candidates. I love the little object sprites, especially the Mona Lisa one. I will likely be making more of those for fridge magnets or keychains.

Mappy is one of those games that shows up on the little joystick consoles, or Namco collections. It’s not my favorite game of all time, but it’s fun for a few games before going back to Galaga or Pac-Man.


I spit hot fire!

20150204_100031 20150204_100041  JNsGbX9

I recently acquired a new domain name and I have no idea what to do with it. It was free with the new hosting I bought for this site, and was inspired by this Perler piece.

Dig-Dug was such a simple premise for a game, and was super easy until you reach the higher levels of the game when the Pookas and Fygars came at you with a vengeance. When I had the Atari XE version of this game, I once cleared all of the dirt and rocks, just to say I did it.

I love the way this turned out, and I think I’m going to be making some more Dig-Dug action beadsprites, now. =)


Burgertime refrigerator magnet set.

burgertime-magnetsThe first time I played Burgertime was at Magic Mountain in California around 1984. Your character “Peter Pepper” would walk on top of giant food, and mash it down to the lower level of the maze structure until you built a complete hamburger, and the hot-dog, fried egg, and pickle-chip would try to knock you out.

It had the trope of ladders and beams just like Donkey Kong, but instead of jumping, you would throw pepper in the enemies face to stun them, and if you could time it right, you could also make them “ride” the hamburger ingredients, or squash them; fun stuff.

It was such a weird concept for a videogame, but I was enamored. I get the song from the game stuck in my head all the time. Every section of the hamburger is independent, as to be rearrange-able. I really like the way this turned out, and it looks awesome on the fridge.


Kyle McCoy: The Pixel Artist.

Kyle McCoy runs his blog over at and he released this video over on YouTube today. I like how the medium of pixel art with Perler beads is approached as a minimalist artform. The Springfield piece he did was particularly impressive.

Bald Bull Punch-Out! Arcade

bald_bull_punch-out_perlerI made a new boxer from Punch-Out! to join Glass Joe. He has really intense eyes, he looks at you like he really wants to give you that signature Bald Bull uppercut.

This beadsprite took forever to iron out; at least 45 minutes, and the paper took on a “wet” quality that made it difficult to run the iron over smoothly. I had to do a little repair on it to fill in gaps between beads, too, but I am really pleased with the end result.

Princess Peach (Marilyn Monroe Pose) Perler

princess-monroe-perler princess-monroe-beadsprite I found a variation of this sprite online, so I can’t take any credit for the design, but I wanted to make one to put near one of my air vents in the house. She came out looking more embarrassed than coy.

As I was fusing the princess, I was also ironing Pac-Man as well. As I was getting them ready for pictures, I thought it would be funny if I made it look like he was looking up her dress… What do you think? Funny, or tacky?pacman-peeking-princess

Pacman in Pacland

pacman-perler pacman-beadspriteThere was a time when Pac-Man was the most iconic videogame character in America. Some would argue that he still is. There was a breakfast cereal, boardgame with marbles for a plastic Pac-Man to “eat”. Also, the Pac-Family had a Saturday morning cartoon, and a platformer arcade game.

I made this version of Pacman without the goofy hat. If I make him again, I will put the hat back on. I might have fused a little too hot on this, but the flat side came out really good. It’s nearly impossible to keep the black beads from bleeding into the other colors. I think bead height differences might be part of it, or it might be that the black absorbs the heat better and liquefies.

Fix-it-Felix gets a medal and a pie.

fix-it-felix-pie fix-it-felix-pie-2I had an hour to kill, and just wanted to make something random, so I found this sprite: Fix-it-Felix gets his rewards”. I do intend to make more of the Wreck-it-Ralph stuff; some of it really looks good in Perler Bead form.

This one would make a cute Christmas ornament for next year, holding a present. Maybe make him holding an easter egg if I decide to do more of the holiday themed stuff. I think maybe all 7 days before Valentine’s Day, I will make a series of love themed Perler creations and post them. Still got some more final fantasy stuff coming, too. I think I am at about halfway through, but speeding back up on production.

Glass Joe Punch-Out! Arcade

glass-joe-arcade-perler glass-joe-arcade-perler-b

I figured: First day of the year, make the biggest beadsprite you have made, yet. =) He is 63cm. or just over  two feet tall. It took every single board I had, and about 5 hours of work. I now have him displayed on my wall with a selection of other sprites.

This is Glass Joe from the arcade game “Punch-Out!”. His is the first, and easiest boxer you encounter in the game. You can almost always defeat him without any real strategy other than just smashing buttons and dodging a few times. There is something really satisfying about just beating the snot of someone, and Glass Joe is ready and willing to take a thrashing for a quarter.

Merry Christmas!

hardcore-perler-christmas-2013I think my Christmas project is a complete success. 2/3 of these were made the day of the posting, but they all came out really well!

Thanks for all the feedback and support in the comments in /r/beadsprites and facebook. 2014 is gonna be a great year for the site, and expect to see four or more posts a week here on!