Bubble Bobble Perler Ornament

bubble-bobble-ornament2 bubble-bobble-ornamentI admit that I kind of skipped over the original Bubble Bobble, and have only really played Bust-A-Move. In fact, I played it today in the rec-room at work (we have a pool table, a stand up multi-arcade machine, and a cocktail multi-arcade machine).

I was super pleased to find another use for the stripey Perler beads so soon. I am going to run out and have to order more soon! I love the way it looks like he is trapped in a bubble of his own. I had to do an emergency bead replacement to give him a lower lip. It was nothing an Xacto knife and a new bead couldn’t correct. The display (bead) side you can’t even tell. Image before replacement

This item is available for purchase for $5 shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. It can be made as a fridge magnet for no additional charge.


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