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Custom Mario and Princess

steve-and-maureenLast weekend, I was inspired to make some more custom beadsprites, and I thought some out of state friends would be good source material. The couple has the same height disparity, and it was easy to remove the Mario mustache, change up the colors, and personalize with a Boston “B” on the hat.

The princess came out perfect on the fuse first try, but “Mario” needed some extra attention, and as a result the finish left some shiny spots. I hate when you have to go for the second pass, and it leaves a “gloss” on the flat side of the creation. In this case, I got some clear fingernail polish from the dollar store to match them out. I don’t think I will be doing this for many of my pieces, but it worked out for this one.

Perler Biggie Beads

biggie beads beadsprite sprite perlerWe were at Michael’s the other day, and they had these guys on sale. We bought one of the kits, and a bucket, and set off to work. These are the designs that came on the box, so it made sense to just go with these over doing custom stuff. Not pictured are the stands that we built for them. I wish it would have come with a few extra googly eyes.

Overall, the Perler Biggie Beads have the same qualities as their smaller counterparts. They do fuse differently, but if you really *wanted* to get a flat fuse with them, you could. I’m considering what to do with what I have left, the colors are limited, but anything built with them wouldn’t be about detail; it’d be more about size.


Final Fantasy Tattoo.

PerlertatI don’t think I have really established why I am making all of the Final Fantasy 1 stuff. In 1990, I was 14 years old, and all I ever wanted was a Nintendo and this game. One summer, my family went out of state for a week, and was to stay with my grandparents. I had $20 to do whatever I wanted with, so grandma found a video rental store and drove me to it.

I had locked myself in that room, on the 15 inch TV that still had VHF knobs on it, and played through the whole game in two days. I was in heaven. I escaped into world where I was the one responsible for avoiding Armageddon, and I managed to avoid a long plane trip to a place where I was allowed to touch nothing, let their miserable little dog bite me, and babysit my 3 year old brother. I know how Harry Potter would have felt. =)

Final Fantasy Tiamat

tiamat-perler-2 tiamat-perlerTiamat was one of the coolest bosses in Final Fantasy, and should have had a dungeon all of his own instead of just being a gateway boss to the final boss of the game. Right before him, you get the legendary sword Masamune, too; that would have been a good prize for defeating him.

I changed up a few of the colors. The sprite originally had a paler green, but I thought that this suited him a little better. I resisted temptation to make improvements like dithering the purples into the blues or adding additional shadowing. Someday, I plan on making the version of Tiamat from the FF1 remakes on PS1 and GBA.


Organization and Pyssla beads

organizer ikea-beads super_pegboardI’ve been doing a little shopping lately, and bought more stuff to support my addiction!

First stop was IKEA where I bought some of their brand of fuse beads called “Pyssla“, and a new rolling organizer that I can shove everything into so we can have our kitchen table back. I’m not a big fan of these of these beads. Pictured is a Ms Pac-man and ghost. They will be good for having the kids use as to not cut into the superior Perler beads. =)

Lastly are the Super Pegboards purchased from the local Michael’s with 40% coupons. I at first thought that these would still link to the smaller boards, but they are standalone boards. They will be big enough for just about everything, and they will be easier to move in the middle of a build.


Pokemon Gengar

gengar2 gengarOne of my favorite things about this hobby is how viral it is. When people see that I am making beadsprites, they want to know more about it, own some of their own, and even make them for themselves.

I wouldn’t normally make Pokemon sprites, but a request from a co-worker inspired this creation. It used a ton of black beads, and I had considered using a different color palette with a dark purple and  lighter purple, but it came out great the way it did. There is a little of the sunken beads on fused side that the light caught, but overall, very nice.

Testing with Perler animation


This is something that I am toying with doing: Animation!

A fair amount of sprites you find on the net have multiple frames of animation to choose from, and it’s easy to choose the one that you like the most an just make that one. I have seen several youtube videos that show what can be done if you do stop motion animation with Perler creations.

This a just a simple two frame animation of the White Mage from Final Fantasy doing his “victory dance”. I always thought it looked like he was repeatedly flipping someone off.


Final Fantasy Sahagin

seahag seahag2This perler is the Final Fantasy Sahagin. I always liked them as one of the monsters that you would run into on the boat, as it seemed to be climbing onto the boat. Sharks don’t make as much sense. What are the sharks doing? Jumping on the boat and biting you?

The green on light green give a good contrast, and the fuse was easy going.

Grumpy Cat Perler

grumpycat2grumpycat I was inspired last night to do some more original art. This was inspired by similar pieces, but the colors and design were done free hand.

I really like the way that this turned out, and plan on making her brother “Pokey” in the next day or two. I’m considering giving this piece away in a contest to get more likes for the facebook page.


Final Fantasy GrPede

pede2 This is the GrPede from Final Fantasy, also known as Great Pede, or Remorhaz. This could totally pass as an interpretation of Centipede from the classic arcade game “Centipede”. I don’t remember much about fighting these in the game. They were in the area around the ice caves, so they were generally just run from, because I had other places to be.

The Iron conked out in the middle of this, and forced me to switch out in the middle. I managed to keep it together, but the fused side does have some uneven levels.