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My Iron


I got this bad boy from the Goodwill. It seems to work well enough.

I set mine right in the middle. At that setting, it seems to melt the beads at a good rate. I like that it is a smaller iron and not too heavy, but I have a feeling a heavier iron would do a better job. I plan to get a thermometer I can measure the temperature with so I can get an optimal setting.

Finished Sonic




So here is the finished product…

I way over ironed it. I think I might have a lock on the best temperature with the iron the next time.

I like side one the best. It’s more melty, but the holes are all fused. I forgot to put something heavy on it when I was done, and it curled a little, but I heated it back up and put a stack of Xbox 360 games on top of it.

I made a ton of mistakes, but overall, I think it is quite good for a first attempt.

I love that this hobby gave me an instant result, I think that it will be a really rewarding thing to do.


Sonic Pre-ironing.



I wanted my first project to be something complex, but not super complex. I knew it was going to be something that wasn’t my best, but I wanted it to be special.

Sonic the Hedgehog is my daughters favorite fictional character. She plays all the video games, sings the songs from the shows and games, and loves her sonic shirts and action figures, and this was for her. My next piece will be for my son.

Anyway, here is Sonic before I ironed him out. The image I used as inspiration didn’t have the green eyes, so that was my artists rendition of it. It isn’t terribly original, but it is a variant. I like it!




A few unused ice cube trays worked great for the initial sort. Turns out it is also great so you can have your whole color palette with you as you build.

The 22,000 bead container has 30 different colors. This seems like a pretty good range to me. I can do a whole bunch of practice projects before I get the specialty colors I will need for the more complicated stuff I am planning.

Some of the colors are really close to eachother, though. It takes good lighting to separate some of the pinks, blues, and purples. I love that variety, though. I might get deeper white icecube trays next time I am at a Goodwill, though.



These tweezers are awesome. They are for pulling out stitches, so they have sharp teeth on them. When I get a new kit from the local hobby store, I will try out the green ones with the shovel, but I think these are gonna be better.

I just grabbed a container out of the kitchen for sorting; it seemed to make sense. I just wanted something deep that I could dig through a little. I would put individual colors into the folded paper and then just sort them into the icecube trays. I threw a few episodes of futurama on netflix on while I did this. (I have a feeling that Futurama characters will show up in my work).


The supplies!


So here we go. First post on the blog

How exciting!

Let’s skip all the background stuff about me and who I am…  We can do that in later posts.

These are called Perler Beads. There are apparently other brands out there, But these are the ones that most people seem to be using, so we will start with these.The beads and boards for $30.41 shipped from This seems like a fairly cheap hobby to start.

Next up… I start separating and organizing. –Beads –Boards