Dr. Mario and Viruses Perler

dr_mario-perler dr_mario-beadspriteHardcorePerler.com is one year old now. 155 posts in the first year, and tons of Perler creations! This page has really been a great experience for me, and even though I haven’t been active in the last month, there are even more posts coming.

Dr. Mario was one of the better puzzle games of the NES era. They tried with other Nintendo characters and puzzle games like Yoshi’s Cookie and Wario’s woods, but Dr. Mario seemed to be the one that really captured the attention.



Four more Final Final Fantasy Monsters

medusa-beadsprite final-fantasy-seahag-final-fantasy-beadsprite final-fantasy-iguana-beadsprite final-fantasy-greyshark-perlerHere are four more monsters from Final Fantasy 1. I’m getting super close to finishing up all the monsters for the final project of all monsters, bosses, and heroes. Once I am done, it will be over 200 individual pieces I am creating for a mural, and it’s shaping up to be pretty kick ass.

Kid Icarus Reaper Beadsprite

kid_icarus_reaper-beadsprite kid_icarus_reaper-perlerAfter I made the series of Battletoads sprites, I was catching up on some other sprites I have been wanting to make, and the Reaper from Kid Icarus stood out. I like the surprised expression version of this sprite because it reminded me of the surprised Battletoad, and it’s so comical to see such a grim reaper lose his composure.

Some of the other Kid Icarus beadsprites, but I think it would be more fun to seek out other “shocked” video game sprites first, and have a whole series of them. Can you think of any others that I should include?

Batttletoads Beadsprites

battletoad-pimple-beadsprite battletoad-kick-beadsprite battletoad-surf-beadsprite battletoad-pimple-surprised-beadsprite Battletoads was both one of the best, and one of the most difficult games for the NES. The rocket scooter and rocket surfboard levels were the bane of many gamers existence in the early 90′s. The combat was solid, and varied, though, and different from everything else at the time. I wish they would have been able to do more with this IP besides the mostly lame SNES follow-ups.

I made this series of sprites to enter in a competition over at the /beadsprites subreddit and thought I would post it on here as well. I still might make some of the enemies from the game as well as other frames of combat animations; these were really fun to make.

Bit-Bead Kickstarter Sprites

red-sword-bit-bead cute-chicks-bit-bead low-battery-bit-beadThe guys over at BitBeads.com are kickstarting a new case for the iPhone that allows you to create 21×11 beadsprites inside of a special frame, and slide it into the case; it’s really cool stuff.

Inspired by the designs they had on the site, I made a few of my own, and it really made me wish I had one of my own to put on my phone. My 10 year old daughter gave me the stink eye when she saw I made the little baby chicks piece, but I assured her that I also made a sword, so the balance was maintained. =)

Go check out the kickstarter and help fund it!

show it 1 show it 2 logo


Chaos, the final boss from Final Fantasy

chaos-final-fantasy-perler chaos-final-fantasy-beadsprite chaos-and-garland-perler chaos_defeats_light_warriors-perler chaos-final-fantasy-closeup

I had been itching to make something a little bit bigger than I have made so far. Last posts Bald Bull was one of the bigger ones, and I figured the time had come to make the final boss from Final Fantasy as my biggest Perler creation yet.

I had originally planned to make him last out of all the Final Fantasy Perlers set that I am working on, but I just recently purchased a ton of bags of beads and wanted to do something that posed a challenge, and Chaos was definitely up to the task. I will create another post about this with some of the progress pictures of the steps I had to take to get him completed.

Posed with Chaos is, of course, Garland who I am now realizing hasn’t been posted on this page yet, but was featured on my “indefinitely on hold web comic”, FightMagicDrinkItemRun.com . Also posed are the defeated Warriors of Light, who went to visit Chaos before they were prepared. =)

Bald Bull Punch-Out! Arcade

bald_bull_punch-out_perlerI made a new boxer from Punch-Out! to join Glass Joe. He has really intense eyes, he looks at you like he really wants to give you that signature Bald Bull uppercut.

This beadsprite took forever to iron out; at least 45 minutes, and the paper took on a “wet” quality that made it difficult to run the iron over smoothly. I had to do a little repair on it to fill in gaps between beads, too, but I am really pleased with the end result.

Sometimes, mistakes are a good thing.

messy-table-perler-mistakeThe sign of a busy Perler artist, is a messy kitchen table. I was making some Battletoads, and was taping the surprised toad beadsprite in a hurry and totally ripped his arms and legs off. I have since rebuilt him, but the pic just looks funny like he is in pain and shock. =)

Note the completely full 22k container of black beads. That is the 3rd time I have had to fill it since I started last July. I just got an $80 in to help finish the Final Fantasy stuff. The shark there is the Grey Shark from FF1.

Final Fantasy Rock Golem and Naga

stone_golem_perler stone_golem_beadsprite naga_perler naga_beadspriteHere are two more monsters from the Final Fantasy 1 bestiary: the Rock Golem and the Naga. I used the same construction paper background for the photos, and used an ideal place in the house to get natural sunlight, so it looks like I need to start taking more pictures this way, but it requires that I take them around 2pm with the window fully open.

Photography of my Perler art is one of the more frustrating parts of running this blog, but I think I have most of the kinks worked out without throwing a bunch of money at the solution.